From a site plan and post code we are able to carry out detailed wind and snow calculations which allows us to produce cost-effective overall stability design. The current trend towards open plan and large areas of glass in external walls can make stability design complex and expensive, this is where our innovative design experience of shear walls, non load bearing racking walls, truss racking panels, racking frame and floor/roof diaphragms can be of assistance to our client.

During the design process we will also take into consideration transmission of sound, fire resistance, possible building frequency problems and ease of construction/manufacture. Designs can be for traditional timber members, cross laminated timber, glulam or engineered timber products.

Design drawings and calculations are usually provided in PDF format which is easy to print or send by e-mail. We are also able to arrange architectural drawings, 3D model design, site drawings and panel/production drawings if required.

Pictures of buildings directly linked with this topic can be found on WaVe Structural Design webpage here.