We provide roof structural design with emphasis on the clients needs, fast and easy site erection, stiffness and cost effective final product. Fully detailed connection drawings for all roof member fixings are always provided as a standard part of our design. Roof take off, site drawings, truss calculations and truss manufacturing details are often provided. Wind and snow loadings is accurately calculated based on the site post code. We always verify our roof design matches with the building under and with the expected architectural vision. Our long time experience with hundreds of designed and erected roofs allows us to choose a suitable solutions for any client with confidence. We are also sure in the knowledge that the roof is going to be erected safely and cost effectively.

As part of our design we are able to take into consideration solar/PV panels, services within roof, and fire separation/compartmentation (if required), extra loadings etc.

Design drawings and calculations are normally usually provided in PDF format which is easy to print or send by e-mail. We can arrange architectural drawings, 3D model design, site drawings and panel/production drawings if required.

Pictures of buildings directly linked with this topic can be found on WaVe Structural Design webpage here.