Nursing home, Limerick, IR

One storey of timberframe and trussed rafter roof were designing by WaVe Structural Design to sit on traditional ground floor build. The building area of 2100m2 was designed with emphasis on fire resistance separation in the kit and roof. The full building was designed and erected in three months from design start, as tight deadlines where required by the client. The roof includes duopitch and curved trusses, special valley sets, long span flat roofs, special girder trusses to allow for fire separation and lift shaft extended up into roof space.

General Information

Client: Cygnum Timber Frame Ltd., Ireland
Opening: 08/2011
Location: Limerick, Ireland

WaVe Structural Design:

The full structural design of house and roof was supplied for Cygnum Timber Frame Ltd., Ireland.

Technical data:

Height: 9.5m
Max Width: 57m
Max Length: 58m
No of Staircase: 3
No of Lifts: 2
No of Floors: 1 Block Wall, 1 Timber Frame
Floor Area: 2 100 m2

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