Overview Tower “Bohdanka”

The article published in journal “Konstrukce” describes the design and erection of one of the highest free standing towers formed from wooden logs in the world. Ing. Zdeněk Vejpustek, Ph.D from our company WaVe Structural Design is one of the authors and participated on the design of the tower. The overview tower is 52.2m tall and it is going to be one of the touristic centre of the region. WaVe Structural Design provided design of main structural joints, wood durability and wood quality expertise for TAROS NOVA Ltd. (wooden structure general designer, manufacturer and erector). We cooperated with doc. Ing. Bohumil Straka, CSc., Ing. Bohumil Koželouh, CSc. and Ing. Josef Mikšátko, CSc.

STRAKA, B.; VEJPUSTEK, Z.; VALÍČEK, J., Inovativní řešení konstrukce a montáže rozhledny Bohdanka, In Konstrukce 3/2011, p. 30, 5pages ISSN 1213-8762, Konstrukce Media, Ostrava

More about the house is in the paper, you can find it on www.konstrukce.cz  webpage. Published in June, 2011 (In Czech language).
Inovativní řešení konstrukce a montáže rozhledny Bohdanka

More about Overview Tower “Bohdanka”