About us


WaVe Structural Design – Timberframe In Safe Hands

WaVe Structural Design is the Czech Republic based company providing structural design of timber frame houses, roofs and a wide range of non-standard wooden structures for clients in several countries, mostly in Europe.

Experience and Innovation

WaVe Structural Design provides complete structural design for buildings with the emphases on the ease of construction, low cost of build and sustainability. We use our extensive experience with the design of timber frame building, to supply solutions that are based on in-house developed tools and innovative design. In addition the designs are based on the client’s needs (cost, factory, erection, standards etc.).

Structural design included wall, floor and roofs for timber frame buildings. The racking stability, uplift fixing and full detailing is supplied as standard. The design of multi story timber buildings (block of flats, hotels, schools, nursing homes, hospitals etc.) with respect to robustness and disproportion collapse design can also be provided.

In addition to standard diffusion-closed (non breathable) structures, WaVe Structural Design also has experience of progressive diffusion-open (breathable) structures using natural materials. WaVe Structural Design is a technical partner of INSOWOOL s.r.o., which allows us to offer to our clients certificated diffusion-open wooden structures, using diffuroof®, diffutop® and diffuwall® (wood fibre insulation materials). Moreover, our clients can benefit from our experience of designing buildings with benefits of other natural materials, such us clay, straw or hemp.

As additional work we can provide:

  • Structural design for any type of wood based construction such as garden shells, porches and extensions.
  • Detailed roof design which can include trussed rafter design truss manufacture liaison, roof drawings, full erection details, take-off and site support.
  • Material and cost estimation for any type of wooden structure.
  • Wooden structures refurbishment or extension, site support and site inspections.
  • Design of domestic and community buildings (school) to comply with passive house regulations.
  • Solid wooden panels from cross-laminated timber.